Meet the James Fisher Strainstall team

Combining a wealth of experience, our team delivers solutions to meet the unique safety and performance needs of high-assurance industries worldwide. From sales advice to technical guidance, our team is on-hand to support your next project’s asset monitoring requirements. 

Dave is a Chartered Civil Engineer specialising in bridges, having previously held roles in design, fabrication, installation, assessment and demolition. In 2017, Dave took the step to focus more on deteriorated bridges and moved into monitoring and condition investigations. Dave now runs our team for special investigations across the UK.

Engineer with broad practical and technical experience in Non-Destructive Testing, particularly in the civil engineering industry. Involved with the development of time & frequency domain pile Integrity testing systems and ultrasonic logging systems. Developed testing methodology for assessment of transmission tower foundation integrity and corrosion, now adopted for use worldwide. Developed testing equipment for measurement of SPT Hammer Energy. Presents seminars and training programs on testing worldwide.

Ian manages a team of technical sales engineers and sales support staff to ensure successful delivery of proposals and quotations for Strainstall’s solutions and services. A member of the company’s senior management team, Ian is directly responsible for managing the day-to-day operations and profitability of the company. Ian has over 26 years' experience in load cells and monitoring systems for harsh environments.

Josh has over 6 years’ experience with the James Fisher group, delivering safety technology for a range of high assurance industries, including the marine, construction and oil and gas sectors. Since joining Strainstall in 2017, Josh has supported customers around the world in helping to increase the safety and cost-efficiency of their container weighing operations.

Frank's background is in marine technology, mechanical and electrical engineering, including CFD, FEA and naval architecture. His main areas of responsibility have included bid preparation, engineering design, materials specification, vendor and subcontractor management, bid management, cost control, reporting and planning, commissioning and offshore installation.

Matthew is a Chartered Civil Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in infrastructure and bridge engineering design, assessment, and construction. He has been with JFTS Monitoring (now James Fisher Strainstall) since 1997 during which time he has grown the business providing monitoring and testing services for Rail, Highway and Energy sector structural monitoring.

Paul has a strong engineering background working on many Naval projects from surface vessels to submarines, he also used to be responsible for the aerospace marine division of a defence contractor, as well and installing and commissioning systems in the field. In his current role Paul is responsible for the Sales Support function, for both the Technical Sales Team and Business Development Managers.

Simon is an Instrumentation and Systems Engineer with over 30 years experience.  Migrating from the Testconsult side of JFTS business where Monitoring and Structural testing were developed by him and grown to make the very most of emerging technologies.  Highlights include the very first use of networked digital levels and introduction of high speed wireless monitoring solutions.

Steve has 25 years of Technical Sales experience – starting in factory automation (Europe, USA and Japan) and then since 2009 in the Offshore Wind Energy sector.

He has been with James Fisher Strainstall since 2013 and leads our sales efforts in Europe for the structural health monitoring of Monopiles and Jackets, their respective Transition Pieces and Wind Turbine Towers, plus the Offshore Substations.

Damian Griffiths is a Civil Engineer with over 10 years experience in structural monitoring and testing. Through his various roles at Strainstall, Damian has experience designing and delivering structural monitoring solutions for bridges, tunnels, renewables and high-rise buildings. Damian’s progress through the company has placed him around the world with assignments in the UK, Asia and now the Middle East, where Damian acts as Regional Manager. Damian is a member of the senior leadership team, reporting to the Managing Director.

An engineer with Wide ranging experience in both operations and sales, Mark's background is within aerospace defence as well as oil and gas and FMCG. With hands on knowledge of electrical and mechanical systems as well as composites, metal treatments, fabrication, and C.N.C machining, along with twenty-five years’ experience in senior management, his current role as General Manager means he is responsible for managing at P&L level for Strainstall Marine out of Cowes.

Aryan has a base in Mechanical Engineering and Master's in Renewable Energy. He has worked in multiple disciplines, ranging from product development, manufacturing, business development/optimisation, purchasing and supply chain management.

He has a passion for the planet and a special interest in Floating offshore wind, which puts him in a prime position to support the global transition to renewable energy. As a Business Development Manager at JF Strainstall, his key responsibilities include market research, developing customised solutions, bid preparation and management and client relationship management.