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Strainstall Malaysia provides a comprehensive range of structural monitoring and specialist testing solutions to sectors including construction, infrastructure, rail, highways, oil and gas and renewables.

From pre-construction materials and foundation testing to construction phase and whole life structural monitoring, our solutions enable developers and asset operators to make informed decisions through the planning, construction and operational management of infrastructure.

We have a proven track record for delivering effective, accurate testing and monitoring solutions to a wide range of clients.

The scope of our service includes:

Strainstall’s Bi-Directional Static Load Test (BDSLT) is a truly innovative approach to load testing and has been proven to provide a fast and accurate means of asserting that the design load can be supported by the piles in place.

The test uses a sacrificial pressure cell that is attached to the reinforced steel caging around the pile. As load is applied, the cell works to measure both upward skin friction and downward against lower skin friction and base resistance. Using this methodology, the maximum pile capacity can be determined, together with key indicators of distribution of load throughout the shaft. 

Strainstall offer a full range of pile testing services that determine the geotechnical and load bearing capacity of piles both at installation phase and in-situ. Testing includes:


  • Dynamic (PDA) testing
  • Static load testing 
  • Pile integrity testing (low/ high strain)


Our pile test teams draw on significant experience and local geological knowledge to accurately determine the engineering properties of both the site and the pile. Testing monitors the behaviour of the pile-soil system during hammer impacts and investigates installation resistance, identifying installation parameters and confirming pile integrity. 

Strainstall is one of the world’s leading professional bridge monitoring specialists, with over 500 bridges monitored or load-tested since the late 1990's. Our track record is unrivalled, and the company’s record of innovation in the field of structural monitoring since 1966 has helped drive the discipline forward.

Strainstall’s offers a complete service from consultancy to system recommendations and cab put together a monitoring system to suit your structure. Typical monitoring projects include:

  • Sub-standard bridges, following assessment/inspection
  • Specific defects (foundation scour, cracking, inclination, settlement)
  • Specific details (bearings, half-joints, post-tensioning system etc.)
  • Articulation
  • Response to environmental loads
  • Response to traffic loading
  • Construction activities (bearing replacement, strengthening)

Our structural health monitoring service helps asset owners and operators to maximise the lifespan of their infrastructure by providing highly accurate, real time data analysis concerning the performance of structures including; bridges, buildings, tunnels, wind turbines, pipelines and road networks.

Using a range of instrumentation, combined with our Smart Asset Management (SAM) system, Strainstall can design and implement bespoke solutions for short term, long term and whole-life monitoring purposes.

Our monitoring services deliver key benefits, including:

  • Accurate, rich data that informs decision making
  • Optimisation of repair and maintenance strategies
  • Reduced asset down time
  • Risk reduction and cost efficiencies
  • Improved operator and public safety

Monitoring of the effects of ground deformation is becoming a priority in construction projects. Over many years it has been proven that the measurement of geotechnical and structural movement is a powerful method of risk management and performance enhancement.

Ground movement can cause damage to buildings and structures above ground and to tunnels, railway lines, pipelines and cables below ground. This damage is caused in several ways; by heave or shrinkage of soils, landslip, mining instability, settlement of filled sites and from construction and foundation works being carried out nearby.

Geotechnical monitoring comprises of the following sensors:

  • Inclinometers
  • Piezometers
  • Automated total stations
  • Fibre optic settlement systems
  • Ground vibration 
  • Electro level beams
  • Strain gauges
  • Pressure plates

Strainstall offers various monitoring and testing services to the offshore industry, whether subsea or topside, Strainstall has the capability of measuring important parameters of the asset. Varying from drilling and completion systems and production risers through to platform/jackets production risers Strainstall can assist with services such as:

  • Subsea strain and crack monitoring
  • Structural response (acceleration and global position) to sea and wind conditions 
  • In-situ residual stress determination of steel structures
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Fatigue life analysis
  • Mooring line monitoring
  • Pipeline monitoring

Strainstall offer site-specific environmental monitoring solutions that help developers meet regulatory and contractual obligations regarding the environmental impact of works.

Environmental solutions include fully automated systems for monitoring:

  • Noise
  • Dust
  • Vibration
  • Air particles

All of our systems provide automatic alerts via SMS and email when a defined parameter is exceeded, allowing operators to take immediate action on site. Detailed reporting capabilities also allow complete oversight of emissions across an entire project.

Our proof load testing service can be used to verify the design parameters of both new and existing structures, confirming design margin and the overall fitness of a load bearing structure.

Strainstall is experienced in all aspects of stress and proof load testing for applications on and offshore, with specialisms including; crane testing, bridge load tests and offshore platform monitoring.

We are capable of a range of testing, including:

  • Static load testing of floor slabs
  • Design verification of cranes to API 2C 7th Edition standards
  • Design verification of bridges through load testing
  • Proof load testing of lighting columns
  • In-situ testing of anchorage performance
  • In-situ testing scaffolding and hand rails
  • In-situ testing of tendons or PT concrete bridges

We use a variety of non-destructive static and dynamic techniques, all completed by our experienced team. Our service is adaptable to many test situations and we cover the full spectrum of established testing methodologies.

Strainstall have the ability to create bespoke monitoring systems or tests to suit the client’s requirements. Specialising in data acquisition, any sensor can be incorporated into a Strainstall system. Examples include:

  • Over height vehicle detection to warn vehicles of excessive heights to prevent collisions.
  • Concrete temperature curing measurement for large concrete masses
  • Ship or vehicle speed detection systems 
  • Flood warning 
  • Roller coaster monitoring

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