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Strainstall Middle East is an expert provider of structural monitoring services, specialising in instrumentation, bespoke system design, software and data processing.

With over 40 years of experience operating globally, we provide a wide range of solutions to monitor an asset’s behaviour and performance both during and post construction.

Strainstall Middle East’s experience stretches from an extensive and proven record of delivering the right monitoring solutions to a range of industries. Applications are wide ranging, and sectors that benefit from our solutions include; infrastructure, construction, oil and gas, marine, nuclear and rail.

With a permanent presence in the Middle East since 2004, our dedicated team offer a rapid response service across the region and draw upon the latest methodologies, technologies and local, geotechnical expertise to deliver a highly accurate and efficient service.

Our scope of service includes:

Our structural health monitoring service helps asset owners and operators to maximise the lifespan of their infrastructure by providing highly accurate, real time data analysis concerning the performance of structures including; bridges, buildings, tunnels, wind turbines, pipelines and road networks.

Using a range of instrumentation, combined with our Smart Asset Management (SAM) system, Strainstall can design and implement bespoke solutions for short term, long term and whole-life monitoring purposes.

Our monitoring services deliver key benefits, including:

  • Accurate, rich data that informs decision making
  • Optimisation of repair and maintenance strategies
  • Reduced asset down time
  • Risk reduction and cost efficiencies
  • Improved operator and public safety

In the UAE, Strainstall has worked on high profile infrastructure projects including the construction of the Burj khalifa, structural heath monitoring of the Jaramat Bridge, Saudi Arabia and condition monitoring during the construction of the Sheikh Zayad Bridge, Abu Dubai.

Strainstall offers a comprehensive range of short and long term geotechnical monitoring services. Our solutions cover a wide range on geotechnical formations, including; bridges, buildings, tunnels, foundations, embankments, retaining walls and cliffs.

Our geotechnical solutions include

  • Ground movement monitoring 
  • Landslip monitoring
  • Foundation monitoring 
  • Pile testing 
  • Geotechnical instrumentation

Combining our technical expertise with the latest data management technologies, we offer real time distribution of data concerning condition and behaviour, improving project efficiency, visibility and site safety.

Strainstall’s Bi-Directional Static Load Test (BDSLT) is a truly innovative approach to load testing and has been proven to provide a fast and accurate means of asserting that the design load can be supported by the piles in place.

The test uses a sacrificial pressure cell that is attached to the reinforced steel caging around the pile. As load is applied, the cell works to measure both upward skin friction and downward against lower skin friction and base resistance. Using this methodology, the maximum pile capacity can be determined, together with key indicators of distribution of load throughout the shaft. 

Strainstall offer a full range of pile testing services that determine the geotechnical and load bearing capacity of piles both at installation phase and in-situ. Testing includes:

  • Dynamic (PDA) testing
  • Static load testing 
  • Pile integrity testing (low/ high strain)

 Our pile test teams draw on significant experience and local geological knowledge to accurately determine the engineering properties of both the site and the pile. Testing monitors the behaviour of the pile-soil system during hammer impacts and investigates installation resistance, identifying installation parameters and confirming pile integrity. 

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Case studies

Find out more about our bespoke structural monitoring and instrumentation solutions across the Middle East, 

Structural monitoring of Burj Khalifa Tower

Abu Dhabi Plaza static load testing

Oil pipe strain and movement monitoring

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