Extreme temperature load shackles

James Fisher Strainstall’s extreme temperature load shackles’ proven technology has been expressly designed for use in harsh environments.

Our extreme temperature, easy to use load shackles are suitable for use in harsh environments like the Arctic or desert. 

Available with ‘D’ or ‘Bow’ shackle bodies, of stainless steel construction, they are supplied with special cables and low-temperature resistant materials, for reliability and high accuracy in sub-zero conditions.

Extreme temperature load shackles

James Fisher Strainstall's (JF Strainstall) extreme temperature load shackles have recently been used on a highly prestigious project - the Halley VI relocation project. Halley VI is a research station based in the Antarctic and the move was documented on BBC Horizon 'Antarctica - ice station rescue'.

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“The JF Strainstall shackles worked perfectly for all of the towing operations, providing operation critical data to the team and enabling a smooth relocation of the station within the timeframe so we were delighted with the outcome.” 

Ben Norrish, head of vehicles engineering from the British Antarctic Survey.