James Fisher Strainstall has developed instrumentation which oversees the integrity of critical elements of any assets requiring critical load or monitoring informaiton. 

Forming part of a suite of hardware that can be used to monitor the integrity of critical components of an asset, James Fisher Strainstall (JF Strainstall) has designed instrumentation which can interface into monitoring or logging equipment, and can supply hardware for the simulation of loads to enable third-party development and testing of their own systems.

As a supplier of load and integrity monitoring systems including Integrated Marine Monitoring Systems which combine a host of datasets, JF Strainstall manufactures and has identified key suppliers to complement proprietary hardware and software developed by its own in-house engineering team.

The developed instrumentation hardware can be used by third parties independently of JF Strainstall's systems and can form the building blocks of your own monitoring architecture or be used as part of a bespoke solution developed to meet exacting client needs.

The products detailed below are available directly from JF Strainstall for use on client projects. As a pioneering company in the field of hazardous area instrumentation, many of our products are suitable for use within the offshore oil and gas sector, and other sectors with hazardous or harsh environments including mining, nuclear, renewables or marine.