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Rugged footswitch

James Fisher Strainstall’s rugged footswitch has been specifically designed to combat the issues faced by standard footswitches in adverse and hazardous conditions.


With no moving parts, our rugged footswitch’s function is unaffected by exposure to weather, water, salt and other abrasive materials making them ideal for long term use in arduous environments. They also require little to no maintenance, providing significant cost saving benefits over the life of the system.

Incorporating stable stainless steel housing, with a marine grade high-tensile stainless steel element, the rugged footswitch is sealed to IP67/IP68 as standard and includes a protected signal cable. Load, applied to an element in the normal way, causes stress and the resulting strain is sensed by strain gauges.

The electrical signal from the strain gauge is monitored and when a pre-defined applied load is reached, a signal passes to a trip level to provide switch function. The unit can also be used for variable speed control for electric motors.

Benefits of James Fisher Strainstall's rugged footswitch:

  • Designed and manufactured in the UK for high quality assurance
  • Robust construction for use in hostile environments
  • Easy to install, operate and transport
  • Engineered for long-term service and low maintenance
  • Supplied with full certificate of calibration 
  • Significant cost saving benefits

Available options: 

  • Cabled and wireless options
  • Safe and hazardous area options
  • Environmentally sealed to IP67 or IP68


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