Model JF-ACC

A compact wired 3-axis accelerometer (4-20mA)


  • Rugged construction ‐ IP67 gel filled metal flanged box prevents in‐situ damage or degradation, prolonging monitoring system life
  • Test function ‐ Electromechanically generates a test force to ensure sensor is working correctly and that installation wiring is operational
  • Easy mounting - Enclosure incorporates mounting holes for easy fixing to structures, to reduce installation time

The JF‐ACC sensor is a low noise, low drift, 3‐Axis MEMS accelerometer, designed for use in both indoor and harsh outdoor environments. Ideal for systems integrators, universities and organisations with their own maintenance or monitoring teams.

It is rugged, compact and low power, making it suitable for many applications, including structural health monitoring and condition monitoring. Typical applications for the technology include:

  • Bridge testing to understand vibration response
  • Longer term structural health monitoring of bridges and buildings
  • Offshore wind monitoring – understand tower movement and condition
  • Detection of seismic tremors

The sensor includes a test function, which generates an internal test force to check installation and correct operation.

3-axis accelerometer.png


Acceleration range ±2g 
Output 4-20mA X, Y and Z-axis signal 
Supply voltage 12-24VDC
Sensitivity 4.0 mA/g
Bandwidth: Internal low-pass filter frequency  0-1500Hz
Noise density 20 µg/vHz X, Y and Z-axis
Self test function Electromechanical
IP rating IP68
Operating temperature -40°C to +100°C

Length: 76mm

Width: 50mm

Height: 30mm

Weight Approx 75g