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AXILOG II vibration monitoring system

The AXILOG is a state-of-the-art vibration monitoring system designed to quantify the load and determine the risk of damage on buildings and other structures.

The AXILOG II system is easy to operate, providing real-time measurements of vibration levels in accordance with BS, SBR or DIN guidelines with the advantage of remote monitoring. It provides simultaneous readings of object velocity in the X, Y and Z directions, which can be presented in a variety of formats and printed with site annotations.

Multiple alarm levels can be programmed into the system, providing the operator with an early warning in the event of pre-set levels being exceeded. The automated reporting function and significantly improved battery life makes this product ideal for long-term monitoring.

A lightweight and highly accurate system, the AXILOG II is supplied with a two year calibration certificate and rugged carry case.

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Benefits of the AXILOG II vibration monitoring system:

  • Real-time remote monitoring
  • Built in modem as standard
  • Multiple alarm notifications for important events
  • Automatically generates reports for easy long-term monitoring
  • Rugged lightweight system
  • Up to 3 months internal battery life
  • Built in GPS sensor to record location
  • Free software updates
  • Easy to operate
  • Full equipment training available
  • Complete test package available

All of our equipment is fully calibrated to UK national standards.

AXILOG II system specifications
Velocity direction X, Y, Z
Velocity range 0 to 50mm/s - 0.8 to 100Hz
Velocity resolution 0.01mm/s
Sensor type Geophone
Signal processing method Digital filter
Dominant frequency determination FFT
GPS location sensor GPS receiver, in sensor housing
GPS location accuracy 10m CEP
Sensor tilt Digital spirit level, in sensor housing
Sensor tilt accuracy ±0.1o
Data logging settings
Logging interval time 2 to 120 seconds
Trigger level (minimum logging level) 0.01 to 50mm/s
Applicable standard SBR-A, SBR-B, DIN45669B, BS5528-2, BS7385-2
Memory configuration Circular or linear
Alarm settings
Number of alarm levels Two
Alarm level curve Absolute value, SBR / DIN / BS curves or user curve
Frequency dependent curves ALL SBR / DIN / BS curves are integrated
Alarm message type Electrical contact, email and / or SMS, contact server
Number of messages per alarm Three contacts with two email addresses and two SMS numbers each
Online features Contact remote server if an alarm occurs
Online functionality
Management Status, alarms and event overview or each AXILOG system
Real-time capabilities Graphs updated including spectrum every two seconds
  Alarm logging on screen and in event log
  Status overview - logging on / off, battery condition, error status
Data acquisition Read / erase memory
  Read / erase event log 
  Set logging parameters
  Set modem schedule 
Control Start / stop logging either manual or with time schedule
  Alarms triggered by absolute values, reference standard curves or user curves
  Monitoring type - either BS, DIN or SBR
  Alarm action - either send e-mail of SMS
  Set event messages and send by email or SMS
Language settings English, Dutch and German
Display 2 x LCD backlit displays for measurements and for settings
Battery Lithium-ion 35 Ah capacity
Battery charge Mains or car battery
Battery charge time 12 hours (after full discharge)
Connections Mini USB / Alarm / Charger / Sensor / External antenna
Modem Mini SIM (2FF), GPRS/3G network, internal antenna and optional external antenna
Environmental protection IP65 (logger and sensor)
Temperature operating range -10oC to +50oC
Temperature storage range -20oC to +60oC




Send email, SMS or contact the server at the following events:

  • Primary alarm
  • Secondary alarm
  • Power ON
  • Battery empty
  • Charger connected / disconnected
  • GPS obtained
  • Sensor disconnected
  • Sensor shock
  • IP obtained
  • Registration started / stopped
  • Server connection
  • Memory almost full / completely full
  • GSM access failure
  • Email send failure
  • Server connect failure

The AXILOG software enables automatic read-out and reporting directly from the AXILOG unit or remotely.

Data can be presented in a number of formats including:

  • Peak particle velocity vs. time
  • Peak particle velocity vs. frequency - with BS, SBR and DIN standards overlay
  • Frequency vs. time
  • Time vs. velocity - histogram of event duration

How the AXILOG II works:

  • Set the times, actions and desired report layout per AXILOG system
  • Set the monitoring period (start and end time)
  • Set the time at which the AXILOG must contact your PC
  • As soon as the AXILOG contacts the PC, the data is downloaded
  • As soon as the download ends, the report is generated

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