Dynasen shock sensors

James Fisher Strainstall (JF Strainstall) is the key UK and European supplier for all quality Dynasen products

Working in partnership with Dynasen, JF Strainstall is the key import representative for all quality Dynasen shock pressure sensors and associated products across the UK and Europe – helping to improve customer service through the local supply of high quality engineering products.

Dynasen is a US manufacturer of specialised sensors and test equipment for monitoring shock pressures and shock front time-of-arrival which is often used within the ordnance and motor industries. Dynasen offers innovative solutions for measuring high-stress levels in dynamic environments including the provision of custom stress gauges and transducer equipment.

JF Strainstall is proud to work in partnership with Dynasen and expand the engineering product supply network to the UK and Europe.

Supporting research and development

JF Strainstall and Dynasen supports research laboratories in the US and around the world with instrumentation and implementation of its sensors for scientists and engineers in the measurement of high-rate, high-stress level events.

Dynasen in the USA also maintains a full light gas gun impact test facility for research and development.

Dynasen products

Dynasen products are directed at the measurement of shock wave magnitudes and shock front time‐of-arrival events. Position transducers and thin film switches provide researchers and engineers with the ability to measure shock front velocities as well as to activate support equipment and instrumentation associated with high speed events. Connections to recording systems from these sensing devices are provided with various cable assemblies and Dynasen also manufactures a wide variety of shock pressure measurement devices (thin film sensors) and associated electronics (excitation sources) unique to the field of shockwave measurements and research.


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Dynasen shock front time-of-arrival devices

Piezoresistive stress measurement devices

Piezoelectric stress measurement devices

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