Measurement and control

JF Strainstall provides a range of measurement and control products that can be supplied individually or as part of a wider monitoring system.

We can advise on the systems required, and develop bespoke systems where required for a diverse range of sectors including aerospace, geotechnical investigation and industrial and process. 

Geotechnical instrumentation

JF Strainstall offers expert support for all aspects of geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring, together with supplying a comprehensive range of Geokon instrumentation.

Our expert team can provide offer expert knowledge and guidance on all geotechnical instrumentation from your initial enquiry through to your project’s completion.

in addition, as an agent of Geokon Inc, we are able to supply an extensive range of industry leading measurement tools, including inclinometers, crackmeters, piezometers, extensometers, tiltmeters and earth pressure cells.

Torque measurement

With extensive experience and knowledge in torque measurement, JF Strainstall's rotary torque transducers offer a high level of accuracy and require less space to operate than traditional in-line transducers.

Our solutions are typically bespoke and engineered to specific customer requirements.

We have a wide range of options available, from wireless torque transducers to specialist solutions offering dynamic data acquisition. With a variety of output options, including digital (RS232/RS485) and Analogue (4-20mA - 0-10V), JF Strainstall can adapt a torque solution to suit customer requirements.

Benefits of torque transducers:

  • Highly accurate
  • Simple in-line installation
  • Bespoke, tailor-engineered solutions 
  • Range up to 100 kNm

Shock sensors

For customers whom require specialised shock sensors, JF Strainstall has partnered with Dynasen to offer high quality stress, strain and shock front time-of-arrival measuring equipment.

Dynasen shock sensors can be incorporated into a full monitoring system to suit your specific application to increase safety and operational efficiency. JF Strainstall can advise on implementation and design bespoke systems to integrate the sensors into a comprehensive monitoring system. Alternatively, we can also supply sensors as a standalone product.

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Tri-axial accelerometers

The JF‐ACC sensor is a low noise, low drift, 3‐Axis MEMS accelerometer, designed for use in both indoor and harsh outdoor environments. Ideal for systems integrators, universities and organisations with their own maintenance or monitoring teams.

Tri-axial accelerometers