SB2010 large scale shear box

The SB2010 large scale shear box from JF Strainstall is the most up-to-date and technologically advanced direct shear box available.

Designed and developed to determine the shear strength of soil specimen in accordance with BS1377 Part 7 1990, the SB2010 can also be used on geo-synthetics.

Fully automated the SB2010 incorporates a PC controller for operating the machine, logging and displaying test data in real-time and for reporting.


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Benefits of the SB2010 shear box:

  • Complies to BS1377 Part 7 1990
  • Fully automatic loading and displacement measurement
  • Integral reference arm, optional rated winch for easy handling
  • Hydraulically controlled vertical loading system 
  • Precision stepper motor for horizontal loading
  • Direct measurement of load by calibrated load cells
  • Full calibration and support services available

All of our equipment is supplied fully calibrated to UK national standards.

SB2010 shear box specifications  
SB2010 shear box
Features Fully automated test operation
Stepper motor for precision controlled horizontal loading rate
Test data is displayed in real-time
Heavy duty hand winch included for removal of sample box
Safety features include overload sensors and emergency stop button 
Max sample box size L 302mm x W 305mm x D 100mm upper & lower
Programmable strain rate 0 to 10mm/min
Strain rate resolution 0.1mm/min
Maximum travel 50mm
Travel resolution 0.01mm
Overall dimensions L 750mm x W 1600mm x D 1850mm
Weight Approx 1010Kg
Max lateral load 100KN
Lateral load cell range 0 to 100KN
Lateral load cell non-linearity  0.1% FS
Max vertical load 100KN
Vertical load cell range 0 to 50KN
Vertical load cell non-linearity  0.1% FS
Vertical LVDT range 0 to 25mm
LVDT non-linearity 0.07% FS
Power supply Three phase VAC (240VAC to 440VAC three phase converter can be supplied) 
Interfaces USB, Ethernet

The SB2010 shear box is a closed loop system controlled by a PC controller with user friendly and intuitive software. The system is networkable and can integrate fully with laboratory IT.

Horizontal loads up to 100KN are applied using a precision stepper motor to ensure accurate speed of advancement, whilst load is measured directly using a calibrated load cell.

Vertical loads up to 100KN are applied using a high performance hydraulic proportional valve and cylinder, and is measured directly using a calibrated load cell.