Safety critical fixings

In response to several high profile failures, new guidance has been published which calls for a review of the fixings that are relied upon. JF Strainstall can provide a comprehensive review of details and condition to manage the condition of safety critical fixings within assets.

Ciria guidance, ‘Management of Safety Critical Fixings C778’, calls for a review of bolts which are relied upon for safety to life or which pose significant risk to operation. Such fixings include structural connections, parapet bolts, claddings, suspended ceilings, signs and lighting. Combining extensive experience and non-destructive testing, JF Strainstall can determine and rate risk features.

Some features are installed on a ‘fix and forget’ basis, with no record of installation details. JF Strainstall can investigate the information available, combining measurements, inspection and testing to suggest the most likely details to  evaluate risks.

Other services include:

  • Review of structural details and known information
  • Detailed visual inspection
  • Bolt scanning by phased array ultrasonic testing, to detect corrosion and necking even where hidden within concrete
  • Load testing and certification
  • Listing and categorisation of all known safety critical fixings
  • Risk rating and recommendations for management programme

Safety critical