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Bridge strike prevention and monitoring

Bridge strikes cause severe disruption, closing roads and shutting railway lines and leading to significant delays and associated costs. James Fisher Strainstall have developed a range of solutions to help prevent bridge strikes occurring, or when they do happen, limit the losses incurred. 

The systems are also adapted to level crossings, where over-height road vehicles can come into contact with overhead electrification equipment.

Over-height protection systems

The Over-Height Vehicle Detection System offers a proactive solution for owners and operators that are concerned with avoidance. They monitor traffic on routes where overhead obstructions pose a strike risk and warn drivers of specific vehicles that are too large of an impending collision. The systems use a range of sensors to monitor traffic on approach to obstructions such as low bridges, tunnel entrances, overpasses and level crossings. If a vehicle is too large to pass safely, it is detected and will trigger a variable warning sign before the obstruction.

  • Triggered variable warning signs are more effective than fixed signage
  • Systems are less costly than collision protection beams

BridgeStrike warning systems

Our BridgeStrike monitoring solution has been designed to be cost effective for widespread installation, without compromising on accuracy and performance. The system provides an effective and reliable means to monitor bridges remotely. Our systems provide information about the impact energy magnitude of any collision and can help inform the decision making process, in some cases avoiding the need for time consuming inspections before bridges can be safely reopened. As costs due to closure escalate quickly, a quick response can save money. While a range of initiatives such as driver education, better signage, and improved route planning tools can help, bridge owners and operators need to be able to manage the response to an incident effectively and where necessary, recover costs from the vehicle owner.

  • 24/7 surveillance
  • Instant notifications following bridge strikes saves cost and disruption
  • Information about the magnitude of any impact helps decision making process
  • Trigger activated CCTV systems capture details of offending vehicles, enabling prosecution and recovery of costs

Width restricted bridges and weight restricted bridges

In addition to our Bridgestrike and over-height systems, we operate systems which measure the width or weight of passing vehicles and trigger variable warning panels if this exceeds the permitted limits. These are linked to CCTV systems to record details of offending vehicles.