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Assurance and compliance testing

James Fisher Strainstall (JF Strainstall) provides a range of load testing services to determine whether structural components and products conform to the appropriate regulatory standards.  

Crowd barriers, car park barriers and balustrades

JF Strainstall provides compliance testing and reporting in accordance with relevant industry standards, including ‘Sports Ground Safety Guide (Green Guide)’ and ‘BS6180:2011 (Barriers in and around Buildings)’

For sports stadia crowd barriers, standard methodology involves proof load tests by jacking a uniformly distributed line load, while monitoring for displacement.

Car park barriers and balustrades in shopping centres and theatres are also tested using hydraulic jacking and displacement monitoring, with the load magnitude and load positioning determined during the test design process.

Scaffolding systems

JFS is equipped to provide independent verification of scaffold components and fittings against the relevant international standards at its workshop in Warrington, UK. These include: BS EN 12811-3:2002, EN 10002-1 and BS EN 74-1:2005.

The testing methodology can be applied to a range of temporary work systems and confirms the performance and compliance of each component. The testing certifies that the scaffold system, the couplers, spigot pins and base plates comply with the relevant standards.

On site tests of specific elements, for example crash decks and protection fans, can also be undertaken.

Floor slab load tests

We also offer a comprehensive range of load testing, including the testing of floor slabs for serviceability loads. These are often required when building use is being changed.

The loads are generally applied statically and water-filled bags can be used to provide sufficient mass to simulate crowd loading. Deflections of the slab are typically monitored using displacement sensors mounted below the slab, using automated dataloggers.