1 February 2012

Tower yoke load and angle monitoring system. 

James Fisher Strainstall install a tower yoke load and angle monitoring system (LAMS) for the FPSO Hai Yang Shi You 113. 

Hai Yang Shi You 113 FPSO is located in the BZ25-1S Field approximately 150 kilometres south east of Port Tanggu in Bohai Bay, offshore China. The 288 metre vessel, built in 2004, operates in a water depth of 18 metres and has a maximum throughput of 96,628 barrels of oil per day. To ensure the integrity of the mooring system and to improve operational safety, James Fisher Strainstall (JF Strainstall) installed a bespoke monitoring LAMS system on its tower yoke.

How it works:

The stand-alone LAMS measures and displays the load and angles in the tower yoke of the moored FPSO using 8, Hazardous Area Classification, Zone 2, sub-sea strain rings and 3 dual-channel inclinometers designed and manufactured by JF Strainstall. These are connected with a local amplifier and junction boxes which are mounted on the yoke and links' arms. Comprised of amplifiers and signal conditioners, the junction boxes convert the low-level signals from the strain rings to 4-20 mA signals for onward transmission to a master control unit located in the central control room.

The system, which is DNV classified, uses software to provide a real-time display of the yoke and link arm loads and angles. Operators are provided with various data display options to view the status of current operations, and to monitor all alarm conditions. As an audible alarm sounds in the event of any load or angle limit being reached, operators are able to take preventative action, thereby, improving safety. Acquired data can also be stored for retrospective analysis.

Further application:

All sensor hardware used in JF Strainstall's LAMS is available for installation in Hazardous Area Classification, Zone 1 areas.