Automated data monitoring system.

James Fisher Strainstall's fully automated system monitors temperature and pressure during turbine blade manufacture for NEG-Micon.

NEG-Micon are a leading manufacturer and supplier of wind turbine rotor blades and hubs which are manufactured using a wood-epoxy composite. The manufacturing process incorporates pressure and temperature to cure and form the blades, the monitoring of which is essential for quality control and post process analysis.

James Fisher Strainstall (JF Strainstall) supplied a fully automated data monitoring system to enable the acquisition, real-time monitoring and analysis of the temperature and pressure occurring on the blade moulds during the manufacturing process. This was achieved by using thermocouples and pressure transducers connected to data acquisition units.

The system consisted of a DT505 data acquisition unit on each mould half (10 in total). These were then connected using an Ethernet link to the LAN (Local Area Network). A PC located in the engineering office runs the Delogger software, which enables data to be viewed, downloaded and analysed from all 10 data acquisition units.

The software displays the data in trend and tabular format. Data is automatically downloaded in a .csv format from the data acquisition units at 3am every day to a file within the LAN. This process enables post acquisition processing and analysis of data by any user within the company.