Flavio terminal, Naples is equipped with SOLAS compliant reachstackers thanks to James Fisher Strainstall and Kalmar

As part of the pioneering contract between James Fisher Strainstall and Kalmar, the Flavio terminal in Italy has been supplied with four Kalmar reach stackers, each fitted with James Fisher Strainstall’s Container Weight System™ (CWS™).

The requirements:

The Flavio terminal in Naples required an accurate method for both obtaining and supplying their customers with the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of containers, as required by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) regulations.

The terminal had already purchased Kalmars 450 reach stackers so required a solution which could be easily retrofitted to their existing equipment with minimal disruption to operations.

The benefits of James Fisher Strainstall’s solution:

James Fisher Strainstall’s (JF Strainstall) innovative CWS™ has been developed as a type approved system for obtaining a VGM. CWS™ seamlessly integrates load monitoring technology into existing container handling equipment and delivers highly accurate weight information with no operator intervention required.

Having recently secured a significant OEM contract, JF Strainstall’s CWS™ is now available pre-fitted on existing Kalmar reachstackers, or as a retrofit option to existing reachstackers.

JF Strainstall provides training for Kalmar’s engineers, enabling them to undertake installation and verification routines on JF Strainstall’s behalf in accordance with type approval requirements.


Initially, one system was retrofitted to the terminals reach stacker which JF Strainstall fitted with the help of the terminal.

Roberto Bucci, Managing Director at the Flavio Terminal said:

“We have been extremely impressed with the level of support provided by JF Strainstall during the installation of its Container Weight System onto our Kalmar reach stacker. Now fully operational for the immediate use for our customers, we can provide a seamless container weight certification service to shippers. The accuracy of the system has also surpassed our expectations and we would be delighted to recommend CWS™”

After the successful implementation of the system, it was requested that CWS™ be fitted to three further Kalmar reach stackers. The installation onto these reach stackers was carried out by Kalmar in their facility in Livorno, Italy.


All four reach stackers provide the Flavio terminal an IMO compliant solution to offer their customers.



As well as providing the verified gross mass of a container, CWS™ will also provide container snag detection and its off-centre load detection, helping to ensure that container stowage and transportation operations are carried out safely.