James Fisher Strainstall has installed its world leading Container Weight System (CWSTM) on all DP World Southampton straddle carriers

DP World Southampton became the first major global container terminal to commit to a container weight verification service for its customers.

James Fisher Strainstall (JF Strainstall) has recently completed installation of its innovative Container Weight SystemTM  onto approximately 90 straddle carriers at DP World Southampton (DPWS). DPWS is one of Europe’s largest container terminals and the first major global container terminal to commit to a CWSTM  and to offer a container weight verification service for its customers.

JF Strainstall’s CWSTM  solution has been specifically developed to meet the SOLAS container weight verification regulations and was originally trialled at DP World Southampton, demonstrating the system’s accuracy, which is in excess of industry expectations.

DPWS has since invested in this system as it provides shippers with a seamless service when exporting goods through its UK terminals whilst simultaneously providing a fully SOLAS compliant, EU-type approved, verified gross mass (VGM). This has become a legal requirement since the adoption of SOLAS regulations by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) last year and comes after DPWS identified a need to provide a service to its customers in order to assist the industry in meeting these requirements.


DP World Southampton made the decision to equip all their straddle carriers with JF Strainstall’s CWSTM . The system consists of four load pins, a spreader mounted data processor and a user interface which feeds information directly to the terminal operating system (TOS).

The installation was planned to ensure no disruption to the terminal’s existing operations and was implemented over a period of 12 weeks to meet the 1st of July deadline for SOLAS conformity.

The system has been in operation now for over a year, allowing DPWS to provide their customers with a SOLAS approved VGM without impacting the movement of containers through its ports. The DPWS model for implementing container weighing has now been adopted by other terminals around the globe.

Not only does the CWSTM  provide the verified gross mass of a container but it also supplies container snag detection and centre of gravity (COG) data, further ensuring safety during container stowage and transportation operations.

System benefits:

JF Strainstall’s CWSTM  has been easily integrated into DP World Southampton’s existing port technology and allows DPWS to provide their customers with a SOLAS compliant VGM without impacting on current operations. This negates any need for an expensive weigh bridge option or any additional lift and drop processes to be implemented.

Speaking of the system benefits, Nick Loader, chief executive officer, DP World Southampton said;

“We assessed a number of different options to be able to offer a container weighing service to our customers and selected JF Strainstall’s system because it doesn’t require any changes to our port operating procedures and is quick to install. The trials demonstrated an accuracy above our expectations.”

JF Strainstall is able to provide several options for spreader based container weighing, including; load pins, diaphragm or annular load cell options depending on customer requirements. For more information please see our Container Weighing System page.