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James Fisher Strainstall load measurement product catalogue  PDF.png (6.3MB)
James Fisher Strainstall's marine monitoring capabilities PDF.png (382KB)


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Offshore renewables monitoring solutions PDF.png (8.81MB)
AquaNode PDF.png (5.03MB)
Offshore renewables structural monitoring PDF.png (972KB)
Learning from the past to secure FLOW's future: How lessons from the oil and gas industry
can support FLOW (2020)
PDF.png (4.5MB)


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Container Weight System (CWS)™
PDF.png (1.9MB)
CWS™ Portable PDF.png (382KB)
CWS™ Sidelifter configuration

PDF.png (452KB)

Container weight verification: Report on James Fisher Strainstall's
Container Weighing System (CWS™) trials (2016)

PDF.png (2.6MB)

Container weight verification: how to achieve fast, accurate and commercially viable
SOLAS compliance (2016)

PDF.png (5.5MB)

Taking the load off: technology options, costs and opportunities
for the implementation of container weight verification (2013)

PDF.png (118KB)

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Load link PDF.png (189KB)
Load pin PDF.png (152KB)
Load shackle PDF.png (184KB)
Low profile compression load cell PDF.png (218KB)
Pillar load cell PDF.png (226KB)
JF Strainstall-bondura® load pins PDF.png (630KB)
JF Strainstall Strain Rings PDF.png (113KB)
Brochure Name
Running line monitor PDF.png (215KB)
Static line monitor PDF.png (230KB)
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Foundation and pile testing PDF.png (655KB)
Geotechnical monitoring PDF.png (35.1MB)



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Pressure transducer application PDF.png (6.76MB)
Wireline applications brochure PDF.png (6.76MB)
Digital slickline applications PDF.png (6.76MB)
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BridgeStrike monitoring brochure PDF.png (3.42MB)
Hidden bridge defect investigation and monitoring PDF.png (12.3MB)
Integrated services PDF.png (24.1MB)

In-situ stress measurement

PDF.png (15.6MB)



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Specialist testing equipment PDF.png (11MB)
AXILOG II vibration monitoring system PDF.png (960KB)
BGCMAP rate of corrosion tester PDF.png (883KB)
Dynasen shock pressure sensor products PDF.png (215KB)
PARAS parallel seismic test system PDF.png (189KB)
PLATEMAN plate load tester PDF.png (152KB)
SB2010 large scale shear box PDF.png (184KB)
SCXT3000 cross hole sonic logging system PDF.png (218KB)
SPTMAN hammer energy tester PDF.png (226KB)
TDR2-S concrete slab tester PDF.png (630KB)
TDR2 pile integrity tester PDF.png (1425KB)
TECO pile integrity tester PDF.png (1308KB)
TECO-LITE pile integrity tester PDF.png (1148KB)
ALST automatic static load test system PDF.png (1148KB)
SIMBAT dynamic pile test system PDF.png (744KB)
SLT2 static load test system PDF.png (796KB)
Brochure Download
SmartLoad® wireless system - safe area user manual PDF.png (3MB)
SmartLoad® wireless system - zone 1 area - user manual  PDF.png (3MB)
SmartLoad® wireless system - zone 2 area - user manual PDF.png (4MB)
SmartLoad® quick start guide PDF.png (311KB)
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Offshore Monitoring PDF.png (11.4MB)


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