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James Fisher Strainstall provides insights on how to tackle container weight verification

James Fisher Strainstall launch a white paper to assist in charting a pathway to compliance, clarifying the technical and commercial options available to port and terminal operators

James Fisher Strainstall's BridgeWatch supports opening of Forth Road Bridge

BridgeWatch data supports decision to reopen bridge two weeks ahead of schedule.

Container weight verification - a weighty issue

Demand for James Fisher Strainstall's innovative Container Weight System is set to go global as container ports around the world attempt to meet new container weight verification rules.

EEEGR Innovation Award win

JF Strainstall wins EEEGR Innovation Award 2015 for its Intelligent Fender System (IFS).

Delivering successful solutions for Port of Dampier

James Fisher Strainstall successfully designs and delivers a load measurement solution for the world's largest floating wharf at Port of Dampier.

James Fisher Strainstall secures significant Bluewater Energy Services contract

James Fisher Strainstall selected to provide offshore monitoring system for Bluewater's turret mooring systems contract for the Kaombo deep water project.

James Fisher Strainstall's load cells chosen for China

James Fisher Strainstall successfully designs, manufactures and delivers bespoke, high accuracy and large capacity load cells to China.

World's first successful IFS trial

James Fisher Strainstall completes the world's first successful Intelligent Fender System (IFS) offshore trial at Great Gabbard.

A special report: James Fisher Strainstall's offshore monitoring solutions

A special report on the next generation load instrumentation, measurement and monitoring solutions.

JF Strainstall supports Marine Power Systems’ WaveSub™

JF Strainstall supports Marine Power Systems' (MPS) WaveSub during monitoring system design phase.