3 August 2015

James Fisher Strainstall wins EEEGR Innovation Award 2015 for Intelligent Fender System (IFS)™.

James Fisher Strainstall has been successfully recognised for its innovative approach to delivering improved safety and cost-effective solutions to the offshore wind industry.

James Fisher Strainstall (JF Strainstall) won the EEEGR Innovation Award 2015 for its Intelligent Fender System (IFS)™, which was assessed on its capability to deliver a contribution to the low carbon economy, to show real innovation and to add value to the industry.

Addressing key issues, IFS™ provides clarity and understanding of the live and cumulative impact of forces exerted during transfer operations through vessel push-ons. The system also supports the on-going challenge for cost-reduction in offshore wind by allowing optimisation of fuel consumption as well as helping to ensure the integrity of the turbine structures.

Expressing his delight at receiving the award, Simon Everett, managing director at JF Strainstall said:

“We constantly strive to develop solutions for our customers that make their operations safer, easier and more efficient. We recognised the needs of the offshore wind industry and saw an opportunity to develop a system to fulfil these emerging requirements to monitor the impact forces of vessel push-ons. We were able to draw upon our many years of offshore experience to develop the Intelligent Fender System in-house, using our latest technology, to design a rugged and robust system to give reliability in this tough environment.”

The development of IFS™ sits within the concentrated effort of JF Strainstall to reinforce its presence as the leading load measurement solutions company worldwide. IFS™ can be used as a stand-alone system, which can be retrofitted to any vessel, or integrated into JFMS pioneering Offshore Wind Management System (OWMS)™, to help deliver full operational insight for all offshore wind farm activities.

In attendance at the EEEGR event was Fern Doherty, GROW: Offshore Wind Investment Panel Manager, who commissioned GROW funding, which significantly boosted the development of IFS™. Expressing her delight about the evening, Doherty said:

“It was fantastic to be present at the event to see how this GROW supported project received industry acclaim and in turn reinforces the decision to support the financial development of the intelligent fender.”

IFS™ also delivers live feedback to skippers during vessel push-on operations enabling greater control to ensure that the foundation’s limits are not exceeded. The system consists of a sophisticated bow frame with integrated load sensors and its innovative design ensures maximum sensitivity and high levels of accuracy. The load sensors measure the forces generated by a vessel on multiple axis as it impacts upon the wind turbine and can quantify bow fender friction levels as well as impact and push-on forces. This data is then transmitted in real time to the bridge and can also be sent to shore if required for analysis.