10 November 2016

High praise for James Fisher Strainstall's structural health monitoring system, BridgeWatch™

James Fisher Strainstall is pleased to share the recent Technical Excellence article by New Civil Engineer, featuring the installation of sophisticated monitoring system BridgeWatch™ on to the Forth Road Bridge.

In December 2015, James Fisher Strainstall (JF Strainstall) supported the reopening of the Forth Road Bridge, the essential transport link between Edinburgh and fife, after a critical fracture was discovered in a truss under the bridges road deck

Fortunately, JF Strainstall’s specialist engineering team were working on the nearby Queensferry Crossing when the fracture was discovered. The team were able to respond to the call for help and install the innovative BridgeWatch™ structural health monitoring system in record time.

The full system included over 200 strain gauges, as well as temperature and tilt sensors which fed into a number of data acquisition units installed within the bridge towers. Designed and installed within a three week period, BridgeWatch™ provided crucial monitoring and engineering data to support the operator in testing for a resolution and help ensure the bridge was reopened without delay.

Mark Arndt, Amey account director for Forth bridges commented that BridgeWatch was ‘one of the most sophisticated systems on any bridge, certainly within the UK’.

Read the full article on the New Civil Engineer website.