24 February 2016

James Fisher Strainstall delivers industry first in Singapore.

James Fisher Strainstall delivers an industry first in Singapore as it completes the highest capacity pile test using BDSLT.

World leaders in developing innovative structural health monitoring solutions, including foundation testing services, Strainstall Singapore Pte Ltd (James Fisher Strainstall), part of James Fisher and Sons plc, has successfully completed pile testing to a load of 10,000 tonnes - the highest capacity to have ever been tested in Singapore – for Dongah Geological Engineering Co. Ltd (Dongah), a major Korean construction company.

Dongah is one of the main contractors involved in a significant construction project, the Great World Station and its associated tunnels (contract T220) for the Thomsom Line, which will enhance rail connectivity in the north-south corridors to the Central Business District  and developments in the Marina Bay area in Singapore.

Leading specialists in implementing cutting edge testing techniques for the foundations of superstructures, JF Strainstall carried out the test on a barrette pile using the Bi-Directional Static Load Test (BDSLT) method, which involves installation of hydraulic jacks within the concrete pile to apply a force to determine either its ultimate capacity or simulate pile response in actual working condition. BDSLT is the only test to provide direct measurement of a pile’s end-bearing and skin friction, enabling engineers to understand exactly how the pile load is distributed between the surrounding soils and the base of the pile, verifying design parameters and providing significant confidence in the pile’s ultimate performance under load.

JF Strainstall’s sales manager in Singapore, Koh Chiep Ping, said that:

“The location of the pile test was at the confluence of different soil formation. This made it challenging to design a test to acquire meaningful data, but we were able to overcome this using BDSLT and are very proud to be able to deliver a holistic solution based on our experience and understanding of customer requirements."

Typical bored concrete pile diameters range from 0.4m to 2m and load tests only occasionally exceed 4,000 tonnes.  Utilising BDSLT, a highly accurate pile test solution, JF Strainstall is able to test larger piles with significantly higher design loads, enabling architects to specify larger piles during the building design phase. Installation of large piles instead of multiple smaller piles improves construction productivity, ultimately reducing project costs. Furthermore, BDSLT has advantages over conventional pile testing methods because there is no need for concrete counterweights to be stacked high above the pile. Removing the risk of thousands of tonnes of counter-weight concrete blocks toppling from height, infinitely improves work site safety.

Kang Jang Seok, project engineer of Dongah Geological Engineering Co. Ltd, said that:

“JF Strainstall has proved to be reliable and prompt in supporting the critical paths in our construction schedule.  We are pleased with the success of this test and look forward to a fruitful working relationship with JF Strainstall.”

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