02 December 2013

James Fisher Strainstall introduce new chain monitoring system

James Fisher Strainstall has launched a new system for monitoring the tension in chains used in industrial conveyor belts. 

James Fisher Strainstall (JF Strainstall) has launched a new system for monitoring the tension in chains used in industrial conveyor belts, such as longwall mining systems, bulk handling and quarry systems. The chain monitoring system provides operators with data on the tensions in the chains, and should the loads reach pre-set limits, the system has the facility to decrease/increase tension in the chain, generate alarms to warn operators to take corrective action before any breakdown occurs or stop the conveyor. This avoids the possibility of chain failure resulting in machine downtime, which is crucial, as any machine stoppage holds up production and is extremely costly.

The system utilises proven JF Strainstall load pins or compressive load cells (depending on the application) to measure the tension in the conveyor drive chain, with the resulting data transmitted to an electronic display. Specifically designed to operate in extreme temperatures  and resistant to high moisture levels, abrasive materials and vibration, both the load pins and load cells are idea for use in the harsh conditions found in the mining, marine and quarrying industries. The load pins are also resistant to the effects of metal fatigue, a condition caused by being subjected to repeated cyclic loads.

The systems can also include custom designed software to suit the needs of the individual customer and a range of display options to provide a fully bespoke solution.

System features and benefits include:

  • Significantly reduced system downtime providing substantial cost savings
  • Maximised chain life
  • Increased reliability and productivity
  • Reduced maintenance requirement
  • Simple (non intrusive) integrated system
  • Robust and hermetically sealed
  • ATEX/IECEx certified for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas
  • Reliable, long term operation

Scott Cruttenden, technical sales engineer said:

“This new systems means conveyor operators no longer have to worry about chain overloading and potential system failure, which has the additional benefit of providing significant cost savings from both improved operation and increased chain life. Also, as it uses our load cells and pins that have many years of proven use in harsh environments, they can be assured our system will provide long term, hassle-free operation.”