5 May 2016

James Fisher Strainstall launches CWS Portable™

James Fisher Strainstall has launched a portable Container Weight System (CWS)™ for container shippers to support compliance with the fast approaching International Maritime Organization (IMO)’s SOLAS regulations for container weight verification.

CWS™ Portable is a stand alone, lightweight and cost-effective system designed specifically for container packers and shippers without access to container handling equipment.

With the SOLAS regulations for container weight verification coming into force 1 July 2016, it will be a legal requirement for every export container to have a verified container weight as a condition for loading aboard a vessel. Failure to do so will be disruptive and costly to operations, with the potential of non-compliant containers being turned away from terminals, causing disruption to both shipper and carrier.

Available ex stock for immediate shipment globally, CWS™ Portable has been designed to enable shippers, who are ultimately responsible for the provision of the verified gross mass (VGM) of a container, to comply with these legal requirements in places where ports and terminals are not looking to provide a weighing service. The system automatically logs accurate VGM data, along with its centre of gravity (COG), providing compliance with road transport regulations as well as providing a SOLAS compliant VGM.

This lightweight system is within manual handling lifting guidelines making it quick and easy to use, and is a cost effective means of determining the VGM of a packed container. CWS™ Portable requires no other lifting equipment and delivers a VGM accuracy of better than 1% of applied load up to 60 tonnes.

JF Strainstall’s CWS™ Portable is used via a specially designed smart phone app that records VGM and COG data electronically, generating automatic reports for easy and instant sharing and printing, as part of the documentation provided by the shipper that must be signed to confirm its compliance with SOLAS requirements.

Simon Everett, managing director of JF Strainstall, said;

“In many countries around the world ports and terminals are preparing to offer a container weighing service to help shippers comply with the SOLAS requirements. Whilst this is the most cost effective place to obtain a VGM some ports are choosing not to offer a service.  We therefore identified a need to develop a simple, quick and cost effective solution for shippers to be able to comply with this legal requirement where the option to weigh at the port isn’t available.

“JF Strainstall supplies a comprehensive range of spreader based container weighing systems primarily focused at enabling the ports and terminals to offer a weighing service. Using this extensive experience we have been able to produce CWS™ portable, so by selecting JF Strainstall our customers are secure in the knowledge that they are using a brand trusted throughout the industry for accuracy, robustness, service and value.”

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