James Fisher Strainstall names M&O Partners as distributors for Brazil

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Leading oil and gas consultants, M&O Partners, are set to deliver James Fisher Strainstall’s (JF Strainstall) wireless wellsite monitoring solutions (WMS) to the region’s promising oil and gas industry. Based in Rio de Janeiro, M&O were selected on the basis of its extensive experience in providing regionally tailored support for the Brazilian marketplace.

M&O will primarily assist Strainstall with meeting this region’s unique operational demands. As the Brazilian oil market is predicted to grow from 0.6 billion BOE (Barrel of OIL Equivalent) in 2011 to 1.6 billion BOE in 2030, it is important that the industry’s safety practices improve at the same pace as its rapid expansion.

Recognising this, Brazilian customers have become increasingly keen to capitalise on the safety and cost-reduction advantages of digitalisation. There is also a growing demand in the region for accurate, innovative and cost-effective wellsite monitoring solutions. Confident that WMS can fulfil this demand, M&O will work to deliver the technology’s safety and Non-Productive Time (NPT) benefits to Brazil’s well intervention market.

“At M&O, we want to help our customers make smarter decisions by offering them better and more modern alternatives to what they are using today. With this in mind, we are very pleased to add Strainstall – one of the most respected wellsite monitoring solution providers in the market – to our supplier portfolio.”

– Jan Lomholdt, managing director and Partner of M&O Partners in Rio de Janeiro.

Building on JF Strainstall’s proven record in providing chain tension monitoring solutions for the Brazilian industry, M&O are set to extend the UK manufacturer’s regional capacity. Adding to the combined global support network of JF Strainstall and James Fisher and Sons plc, the consultancy provides a responsive source of area specific information for the company’s Brazilian customers. M&O can also arrange the local delivery of systems at an accelerated pace, upholding JF Strainstall’s commitment to excellence as it expands its operations.

As part of this collaboration, JF Strainstall are exhibiting alongside M&O at OTC Brasil 2019 from stand C18. This event provides a platform for Brazilian customers to understand WMS, along with the value that JF Strainstall is able to deliver in partnership with M&O.





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