James Fisher Strainstall names Orange Delta Equipment as an agent for Singapore 


James Fisher Strainstall (JF Strainstall) has appointed Orange Delta Equipment – a leading provider of business development services for marine and offshore equipment manufacturers – as a new agent for Singapore. Specialising in the offshore marine sector, the company was selected based on its experience in meeting the unique operational demands of this key marketplace for the global renewables and oil and gas sectors.  

Leveraging its extensive network in the region, Orange Delta Equipment will work to identify and unlock new opportunities that enable JF Strainstall to add value to the local supply chain. This will provide new customers with a wide-range of proven asset monitoring solutions – from individual load cells to full-scale systems – that improve the safety and performance of critical offshore assets.

South East Asia is widely recognised as a global hub for developing newbuild floating offshore assets – an industry known for its high-tempo environments and demanding project timeframes. Situated in the heart of Singapore, Orange Delta Equipment is well positioned to answer the timescale requirements of this local customer base. Drawing on its deep operational understanding of newbuild, retrofit, and repurposing projects, JF Strainstall’s new agent offers a source of regionally tailored sales support that can swiftly respond to evolving customer needs.

“With our experienced team and well-established network in the Asia-Pacific, Orange Delta Equipment is excited to be able to support JF Strainstall's customers in this region through the delivery of their unique load monitoring solutions to both existing offshore markets and new developing sectors”.

– Patrick Goossens, Business Development Director at Orange Delta Equipment 

With Orange Delta Equipment joining its existing sales network in Singapore – which focuses on its other product lines – JF Strainstall can overcome the travel challenges of COVID-19 and continue to uphold its commitment to excellent customer service. This also minimises the need for international travel, which helps to keep its employees and customers safe during this difficult time.

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