13 May 2013

James Fisher Strainstall supply Total with critical monitoring solution

James Fisher Strainstall have been selected to supply Total with critical mooring monitoring solution.

James Fisher and Sons plc has today announced that its James Fisher Strainstall (JF Strainstall) subsidiary has been awarded a contract to provide international oil and gas company Total with an Integrated Marine Monitoring System (IMMS) for the Moho Nord tension leg platform which is destined for installation off the Congolese coast in West Africa.

JF Strainstall's Integrated Marine Monitoring System (IMMS) is designed to provide an integrated monitoring and control system for both fixed and floating offshore structures. Customised to the individual requirements of each installation, the IMMS provides the operator with data and reporting from a number of parameters on the hull. Features include tendon data that incorporates load and bending moments, reports on the height of the deck above the sea surface and wave condition, permanent and temporary ballast tank levels and reporting on a number of meteorological conditions including wind speed direction, air temperature and pressure. This approach allows full visibility and control during installation and simplified topside connection to provide an integrated solution.

Under the contract announced today, JF Strainstall will provide Total – through a contract placed by Hyundai Heavy Industries – with a comprehensive mooring monitoring solution for the Moho Nord tension leg platform that is critical to production and safety. This multi-million dollar contract, to be completed over the next year, further reinforces JF Strainstall's market leading position in the tension leg platform mooring monitoring market.

James Fisher and Sons plc CEO, Nick Henry, commented on the situation: 

"We are delighted that Total has selected JF Strainstall for this contract as it further demonstrates JF Strainstall's leadership in specialist load cell technology and marine mooring systems. With offshore structures becoming larger and more complex, effective monitoring is increasingly critical to these high value oil and gas assets. The information JF Strainstall gathers is essential to enable certain operations, such as drilling, to proceed safely. This latest award, together with recent selection by Shell for the Prelude project, continues to build on JF Strainstall's international reputation for providing unrivalled expertise to some of the world's most demanding offshore projects."