1 September 2016

James Fisher Strainstall supplies advanced mooring solution at Pengerang.

James Fisher Strainstall has been awarded a major contract with the Japanese Penta Ocean-Toa joint venture, for its advanced mooring solution to be installed at the Pengerang Independent Deepwater Petroleum Terminal in Malaysia.

The phase two development of the terminal, comprising 11 new jetties, will see 74 mooring systems - along with JF Strainstall’s innovative DockAlert™ berthing system - installed to provide safe and secure mooring and berthing operations.

PIDPT is the first independent deepwater terminal in Southeast Asia set to become a strategic facility that includes oil refineries, petrochemical plants as well as a crude and LNG import terminal and storage, in a major offshore trading area which will support high demand in this rapidly growing region.

Having been involved in the project since 2012, JF Strainstall is delighted to have been selected for this phase two development at the terminal. Safe docking and mooring operations will be critical to the ongoing safety and productivity of PIDPT and JF Strainstall’s quick release hooks and DockAlert™ systems will provide total assurance during terminal activities.

JF Strainstall’s quick release mooring hooks feature an innovative remote control system, utilising its load monitoring expertise, that provides safe mooring line release under unsafe mooring loads, significantly increasing the safety of personnel, vessels and infrastructure. The company has already provided detailed consultation on the mooring arrangement of the jetties, providing advice on the optimum location and orientation of the hooks for mooring operations, to ensure successful delivery and implementation.

Simon Everett, managing director at JF Strainstall explained;

“We’re extremely proud to be involved in such a high profile project, delivering an advanced mooring solution that will ensure the safety and security of the terminal’s operations. Our experienced team has worked very closely with the joint venture, providing guidance and consultation to ensure seamless installation and commission, which will take place over the course of the next year.” 

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