BBC Horizon: Antarctica - ice station rescue

A BBC Horizon documentary, which aired 7 June 2017, shows film maker Natalie Hewit spending 3 months in Antarctica as the team at Halley VI attempt to move its base 23km on the ice.

The world's most extreme moving job

Dubbed the world's most extreme moving job, Britain's Antarctic research base, Halley VI, was moved due to the base's proximity to a ginormous crevasse, which threatened to separate Halley from the rest of the continent, setting the £28 million base adrift on a massive iceberg.

James Fisher Strainstall's specialist extreme temperature load shackles

James Fisher Strainstall (JF Strainstall) is extremely proud to have supported the Halley Antarctic ice station relocation project, providing its extreme temperature load shackles with wireless technology to deliver vital load monitoring information during the relocation, ensuring the safe towing of the base.

Read JF Strainstall's full PR on supporting the Halley VI relocation

To find out more, read our full press release on how JF Strainstall's extreme load monitoring equipment supports BAS Halley VI relocation project by providing load data during the towing of Halley VI modules.