24 March 2015

James Fisher Strainstall supports MPS Wavesub™.

James Fisher Strainstall supports Marine Power Systems' (MPS) WaveSub™ during monitoring system design phase.

James Fisher Strainstall (JF Strainstall), part of James Fisher and Sons plc, has been selected to provide a complex monitoring package to support the prototype testing of WaveSub™, a wave power harnessing device from MPS.

Phase one of the monitoring solution will apply JF Strainstall's complex data acquisition system and expertise in data processing and analytics. The design and deployment of a range of sensors, coupled with a state of-the-art monitoring system, will deliver an integrated solution to provide accurate and insightful performance information. Future phases will involve further installations and commissioning as well as providing support where needed in all aspects of monitoring expertise.

WaveSub™ is an innovative wave device that has the potential to substantially reduce the cost of energy associated with wave power. WaveSub™ is easy to install and retrieve, has a low construction cost and is immensely efficient in energy generation. The device will be tested with FaBTest, an award-winning, pre-consented, 2.8km test area situated within Falmouth harbour. Situated between 3 and 5 kms offshore in Falmouth Bay, the nursery facility enables device developers to test components, concepts or full scale devices in a moderate wave climate, whist giving excellent accessibility to the device.

Managing director, Simon Whitford, commented on this saying:  

"JF Strainstall delivers smart monitoring systems to enable customers to transform the management of their assets. The company has supported the offshore renewables industry since its inception and we are looking forward to working with MPS and applying our knowledge and experience to this project as it evolves. We are thrilled our capabilities will be key in supporting the validation of the performance of the WaveSub™."

Gareth Stockman, managing director of MPS said:

"The partnership that has been developed between MPS and JF Strainstall is very exciting. It represents an opportunity for us to make innovative and pioneering strides forward in this emerging renewable sector. The world-class monitoring expertise being provided by JF Strainstall will allow us take that next step in understanding the device's potential in providing cost saving solutions within the wave energy market."

JF Strainstall will apply knowledge gained from previous experience monitoring offshore and subsea assets including numerous marine energy devices. This contract also extends the James Fisher group's marine energy industry success following the recent Meygen project win, where James Fisher was awarded the contract to complete the offshore installation activities including four 1.5 megawatt tidal turbines.