15 November 2016

James Fisher Strainstall's life extension for ageing offshore assets

James Fisher Strainstall supplies bespoke monitoring solutions, demonstrating design validation and providing confidence in the potential for life extension.

With the offshore oil and gas industry continuing to face the consequences of low oil prices and changes in global economic conditions, the challenge to manage the effects of ageing offshore assets and equipment is becoming more pertinent.

As many offshore installations are reaching the end of their 20-25 year designed life-cycle, asset owners are looking at ways to extend the use of ageing platforms beyond their planned operational life-span.

The concept of 'life extension' involves safeguarding the structural integrity of ageing platforms in order to secure a second life and to defer the costs of commissioning and new build investment.

JF Strainstall's systems play a significant role in the formulation of effective platform management and maintenance plans; monitoring load, stress, structural dynamics, fatigue hotspots, metocean conditions and other parameters to generate cost savings, provide long-term assurance and help maintain operational safety.

All of JF Strainstall's sensors and monitoring systems are designed to ensure safe operation when it matters, and are used on some of the most high profile structures in the world. With over 50 years of experience the company has developed a deep operational understanding of the offshore environment, delivering proven solutions for complex requirements around the world.

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