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Centre of gravity

James Fisher Strainstall’s centre of gravity system both weighs and calculates the centre of gravity of any large structure and is fully configurable to customer requirements.

A typical system comprises load cells and custom designed software to read and display individual load cell readings, total loads and the centre of gravity of the module being weighed. Each lifting point can have a maximum of eight load cells and a minimum of two, the number being determined by the size of the structure.

James Fisher Strainstall’s (JF Strainstall) centre of gravity systems facilitate the safe lifting and transportation of large and heavy structures, such as offshore oil rigs, jack-up rigs and vessels, by enabling the lifting operators to determine the dead weight, and therefore the type of crane required, as well as establishing the best position of the lifting points to keep the structure stable during a lift.

Did you know?

JF Strainstall is able to take credit card payments for its centre of gravity system, so call now and place your order for fast delivery: +44 (0) 1983 203600.

Advantages of JF Strainstall's centre of gravity system:

  • Determines both the weight and centre of gravity of large structures
  • Provides load measurements in real-time
  • Facilitates safe lifting and transportation
  • Ensures structures remain stable during lifts

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