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Construction monitoring

Construction carries inherent risks to surrounding roads, railways, buildings and underground utilities. The increased density of urbanised areas means that monitoring is a frequent requirement for many building and construction projects.

James Fisher Strainstall offers a range of solutions that are tailored to any site construction project.  

Surface monitoring solutions

We apply automated technologies to monitor movements of buildings and infrastructure in construction sites to manage risks during demolition, earthworks, temporary works, building and operation. We employ both automated sensors and manual techniques and have fixed monitoring systems and adaptable wireless solutions to optimise for any installation.

We also hire noise, dust and vibration monitors to monitor the environment during construction activities and ensure these are kept within permitted limits.

Typical sensors used:

  • Optical targets/prisms and Automated Total Stations (ATS)
  • Crack sensors
  • Non-Contact measurement solutions
  • Tilt sensors
  • Settlement systems (including electro level beams and hydrostatic profile gauges)
  • Strain gauges  and load cells

Sub-surface monitoring solutions

We install instruments in boreholes to detect any changes in conditions, which if not mitigated, could cause unwanted ground movements and even collapse.

Typical measurements taken include:

  • Pile inclination and sheet pile deflection
  • Groundwater level and pressure
  • Deep seated settlement