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Proven container weighing solutions

Want to produce VGM with zero impact on terminal operations?

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James Fisher Strainstall's (JF Strainstall) special container weighing systems

Discover how JF Strainstall's award winning products can help ports and terminals in this interview with Port Technology.

Why install an integrated weighing system?

Ports and terminals are the natural environment for container VGM solutions to be implemented as packed containers are already lifted as part of normal operations.

JF Strainstall's Container Weight System (CWS)™ enables the weight of a container to be determined without the need to do anything different to what ports and terminals do today, the weight is obtained during the course of existing lifting operations.

As the shipper is responsible for declaring the packed container weight, this offers the very clear opportunity to provide an additional added value commercial service for ports and terminals.

Load pin or twistlock solutions?

Load pins offer perhaps the most well-proven, robust, cost effective and accurate means of weight measurement, and can be integrated into a wide range of port and terminal equipment. JF Strainstall's technical paper, container weight verification: how to achieve fast, accurate and commercially viable SOLAS compliance, details the different technology options available.

CWS™ has now successfully achieved full EU-type approval from the National Measurements and Regulatory Office.

This technology is well proven across a wide range of industries, including the monitoring of large offshore structures, oil and gas installations, and harsh subterranean mining applications. Customers can be assured that the technology received is robust and extremely well-proven against environmental conditions, shock and vibration. JF Strainstall has also undertaken successful trials that proves the accuracy of this solution for container weight verification.

For customers wishing to implement a twistlock based container VGM system, JF Strainstall recommends solutions based on durable and long lasting strain gauge instrumented twistlock collars. This approach provides the best available form of twistlock based solution in terms of cost, accuracy and long term durability.

Crucially for both load pin and twistlock based implementations, Stainstall's experience is that there is no requirement for current terminal operating procedures to be changed. Load pin and strain gauge based systems are comparatively easy to maintain in situ without the need for external technical support.

Find out more about JF Strainstall's fully integrated Container Weight System™.

Load pin Container Weight System™ configurations

Container Weight System™ configurations
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