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CWS™ for Reachstackers

CWS for reachstackers. Integrating the VGM process into stacking operations to increase revenue and maximise efficiency.

CWS™ for reachstackers is a highly accurate VGM container weighing system that enables reachstackers to measure the weight of a lifted container with 1 percent full-scale accuracy in less than 5 seconds. CWS is available for retrofit or as a factory-fit option for new machines and can be installed into all major manufacturers of reachstackers and spreaders.

CWS™ provides a more efficient, integrated, and automated method for producing a verified gross mass (VGM) versus a traditional weighbridge. By integrating the weighing process into the stacking operations, it eliminates the need to have a dedicated weighing process and the infrastructure required with a weighbridge.

This not only makes the VGM weighing process far more efficient and increases TEU handling capacity, it is that much more efficient that terminals’ can now validate the weight of every container to ensure that containers comply with SOLAS regulations but also so that terminals can implement fees for this verification service.

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How does the CWS Reachstacker system work?

CWS for Reachstackers uses Strainstall’s proven load monitoring pins that are installed in the headblock of the reachstacker (or in some cases in the spreader) to capture the VGM of a container. The load monitoring pins (usually a two-pin system) are connected via a wired CanBus connection to an interface unit (mounted on the spreader) to aggregate data.

The interface unit then connects to an in-cab display using either a wired or a wireless connection to the in-cab display that provides the operator with a view of the current load, the holding weight, as well as identifying eccentrically loaded containers.

CWS can also integrate with your Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) via a range of different outputs available; Ethernet (standard), serial output (RS 232/422/485), and CanBus. Data captured includes the container’s verified gross mass, the load eccentricity, and the date and timestamp of the VGM.

“We have been extremely impressed with the level of support provided by Strainstall during the installation of its Container Weight System onto our Kalmar reachstacker. Now fully operational for the immediate use for our customers, we can provide a seamless container weight certification service to shippers. The accuracy of the system has also surpassed our expectations and we would be delighted to recommend CWS™”

Roberto Bucci, Managing Director at the Flavio Terminal