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CWS™ reach stacker configuration

Utilising highly accurate load pins, the reachstacker CWS™ configuration offers the most robust and cost-effective means of container weight measurement.

The CWS™ load pin solution for reachstacker container handling equipment has been designed for easy maintenance on site, without the need for external technical support.

As an onboard weighing system CWS™ also provides container snag detection and its centre of gravity (COG), helping to ensure operator safety and the safety of container stowage and transportation.Two or four load pin CWS™ reachstacker systems have no consumable parts, ensuring low operational and maintenance costs.

CWS™ is available as a retrofitted system installed onto existing container handling equipment, and as an available option with any new Kalmar container handling reach stackers.

New or retrofit solution

James Fisher Strainstall’s close working agreement with Kalmar means CWS™ is installed on the production line as an option for ports and terminals ordering new reachstacker container handling equipment.

CWS™ can also be easily retrofitted to existing container handling equipment, to help reduce costs. No modification is required, enabling quick and easy installation. CWS™ also has no consumable parts with minimal wear, helping to reduce operational and maintenance costs.

Commissioning, training and in-service support

James Fisher Strainstall’s NMO type approval means the company is fully certified to provide installation, commissioning and carry in-service system verifications in accordance with the type approval requirements. Each system must be initially verified upon installation and then periodically checked and verified for its in-service accuracy performance.

OEM compatibility

Working closely with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), CWS™ is fully adaptable to suit all the major reachstacker manufacturers’ equipment with no modification required enabling quick and easy installation. The system can be fitted or retrofitted into the reach stacker headblock making it a permanent feature of the container handling equipment with minimal wear.

Kalmar, one of the leading cargo handling equipment manufacturers, now offers James Fisher Strainstall’s CWS™ system on its reachstackers during production of the container handling vehicles.

OEM support

James Fisher Strainstall is also able to provide training for OEM engineers to enable them to undertake installation and verification routines in accordance with NMO requirements, as part of its certification.

Features and benefits of CWS™

James Fisher Strainstall’s CWS™ solution has been specifically developed to meet container weight verification regulations with minimal impact to port and terminal operations.

“We have been extremely impressed with the level of support provided by Strainstall during the installation of its Container Weight System onto our Kalmar reachstacker. Now fully operational for the immediate use for our customers, we can provide a seamless container weight certification service to shippers. The accuracy of the system has also surpassed our expectations and we would be delighted to recommend CWS™”

Roberto Bucci, Managing Director at the Flavio Terminal

Different CWS™ configurations
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CWS™ reach stacker configuration specifications

Maximum capacity: 45 tonnes
Minimum capacity: 2.4 tonnes
Scale interval: 0.2 tonne
Accuracy class: Y(b)

Min to 10t                  ±200kg

10t to 40t                  ±300kg

40t to Max                 ±400kg

Major components  
4 or 2 load pin configuration: As required
Data processor Located on the spreader / boom arm
User interface Located in the control cab
Traffic light display unit Provides visual notification of load imbalance
Communication / data output  
Bespoke data output formats or strings Serial / CAN / Ethernet / Wifi / Other options available on request
Cabled or wireless As required
3G / 4G modem As required for remote diagnostics and upgrades

Email CWS@strainstall.com for more information