Pile integrity testing

JFTS is a specialist provider of pile integrity testing techniques to assess the condition of concrete pile foundations.

Using the latest portable system, the TDR2, we are able to conduct advanced interpretation of data measuring pile length, pile head stiffness and pile shaft mobility.

The specially developed equipment is lightweight, portable and produces rapid results. Analysis can be carried out instantly on-site, to confirm the length of the foundation and depth of any existing defects.

The TDR system features powerful software analysis program to enable a more detailed analysis of changes in pile section and the influence of soil.

In normal conditions we can easily test up to 60 piles per day, increasing to 200 where access is particularly good.

Pile integrity testing methodology

The Transient Dynamic Response (TDR) test is based on measuring the frequency and amplitude response of a pile, known as impulse. 

After ensuring that the concrete in the pile head is visually free of contaminants, a geophone sensor is placed in contact with the pile head, which is struck axially using the force response hammer.

The response of both transducers is measured simultaneously and these signals, velocity and force, are processed and displayed on the TDR test unit.