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Jack-up rig leg monitoring

James Fisher Strainstall’s jack-up rig monitoring system enables the precise control of jacking operations to improve safety and performance during critical operations.

Our jack-up rig monitoring system accurately monitors the load and tilt of jack-up rig legs during critical rig jacking operations, enabling the precise control of jacking down and the safe rising of the rig to its operational height.

Real-time displays of the angle and the distribution of weight applied to jack-up rig legs allow the exact control of weight distribution through switching of the jacking motors that drive the rig up and down its legs.

James Fisher Strainstall’s jack-up rig monitoring system can also combine leg load with motor position, current load and deck tilt monitoring to protect against excessive jacking on one leg which can be damaged due to overloading, or undue bending of the deck causing structural damage. In addition, the system can also provide leg load information in rachet chock configurations.

Sensors can remain in place to permanently monitor leg loads and tilts throughout the life of the structure, so the long-term stability of the rig can be assessed.

Benefits of jack-up rig monitoring:

  • Provides information that enables action to be taken to prevent structural damage
  • Enables jack-up operations to be undertaken safely
  • Enables leg loading to be precisely controlled/evenly distributed

Features of jack-up rig monitoring:

  • Real-time local displays of leg loads and tilt
  • Can be extended to include monitoring of deck tilt
  • Alarms warn when excess loading occurs
  • Simple installation
  • Historical data available for analysis/review