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Offshore monitoring - life extension programmes

James Fisher Strainstall's offshore monitoring systems provide long-term assurance and help maintain operational safety for assets reaching the end of their projected life. 

We design and install a range of monitoring systems suitable for FPSO, Semi-submersible and TLP mooring and platform life extension programmes. 

While offshore platforms are being continuously pushed beyond their intended design-life, James Fisher Strainstall's (JF Strainstall) bespoke monitoring solutions can be retrofitted to provide critical information for safeguarding the integrity of your asset. As offshore assets age, equipment fatigue and the prospect of failures increase and with it the potential for costly platform downtime, hazards to the environment and even risk to human life. JF Strainstall monitoring systems can be tailored to the specific needs of the customer. Our project management and production teams work closely to provide a turnkey solution which can be installed and commissioned by our field service team. From the initial consultation phase to installation, JF Strainstall are well positioned to respond quality solutions to urgent requirements.   

Our systems also play a vital role in the formulation of effective platform management and can be used in isolation or as a combination for real-time monitoring, to generate cost savings, provide long-term assurance and help maintain operational safety. 

JF Strainstall's retrofit monitoring systems for offshore life extension projects include: