Consolidating data from a number of key sub-systems, James Fisher Strainstall’s condition monitoring system (CMS) optimises the safety and performance of offshore wind (FLOW) platforms. 

Designed to provide both technology designers and operators with clear and accurate information for both fixed and floating offshore structures, James Fisher Strainstall's (JF Strainstall) condition monitoring system (CMS) plays an integral part in the design and maintenance of Floating Offshore Wind (FOW). Data from a variety of sensors is timestamped together to provide a single monitoring system, allowing for project developers to see how their asset is performing and tailor the designs of the future. 

CMS also play a vital part in operational safety, enabling the development of informed and effective platform management, inspection and maintenance plans. 

Data is collected and reported from a number of key parameters, allowing remedial action to be made if safe working limits are exceeded. The system can also communicate with WTGand SCADA to provide parameters for safe operation based on predetermined safe working limits.  

CMS benefits: 

  • Reduces risk 

  • Enhances the safety and performance of offshore structures 

  • Permits the consolidation of purchasing and project management initiatives  

  • Enables a common, multi-system approach to redundancy 

  • Acts as a key aid during platform installation 

  • Simplifies remedial action if the system reports safety parameters out-of-range 

  • Provides key parameters in real-time, which can be archived for post-processing 

  • Delivers in-depth data insights  

CMS is a modular system tailored to individual customer requirements, but can include: 

  • Mooring tension 

  • Dynamic cable monitoring 

  • Structural health monitoring 

  • Ballast tank monitoring 

  • Vessel draft and inclination 

  • Motion reference units (6-DoF) 

  • Met-ocean, wave and tidal conditions 

  • Vessel position, including station departure 

  • Cathodic protection warning system 

Smart Asset Management System (SAMS)™ 

Real-time monitoring and data management software for 24/7 integrity surveillance. 

The Smart Asset Management System (SAMS)™ is a sophisticated web-based software package that incorporates sensors and data acquisition hardware with data processing algorithms to provide a comprehensive structural health monitoring solution. Designed to operate within the harshest of environments, our sensors and monitoring systems ensure safe operation when it matters. 

Monitor | Identify | Act 

Our specially developed data management systems can be integrated with third party sensors for real-time data handling with online analytical processing tools. Users can run queries and produce reports to support operator decision-making and enable fully informed and safe maintenance assessments.