Renewables mooring monitoring



James Fisher Strainstall’s renewables mooring load monitoring systems enhance design in respect of strength and reliability and act as an aid during installation for mooring line set-up.

With several systems installed on offshore floating renewable applications across UK and European waters, James Fisher Strainstall (JF Strainstall) offers mooring load monitoring systems tailored to meet the requirements of the specific project. They range from the supply of a singleload cell, pin, shackle or strain ring to a completely integrated monitoring system. 

During operational deployment, continued mooring load data collection and feedback mitigate the risk of underestimating loads that could result in mooring line failure. This technology is used on tidal, wave and floating offshore wind projects.Our solutions can start with an off the shelf load shackle and develop into a bespoke solutionpotentially including both load and angle monitoring to provide a complete picture of the moorings. 


Renewables mooring monitoring benefits:


  • Ensures strength and reliability of offshore assets 

  • Allows optimum positioning of application to maximise energy harvesting potential 

  • Proof of concept to ensure mitigation against mooring line failure 

  • Provides important data that aids development/up-scaling 


Renewables mooring monitoring system features:


  • Non-intrusive installation 

  • Plug and play solution 

  • Provides a real-time display of mooring loads 

  • Uses proven JF Strainstallsubsea load shackles and cells 

  • Reliable, low maintenance design 

  • Can replicate and replace an existing mechanical part or be a designed engineered solution