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Riser Tension Monitoring System™

James Fisher Strainstall’s Riser Tension Monitoring System (RTMS)™ has been designed to monitor the tension and performance of the riser in offshore production facilities, to enhance safety and reduce the risk of failures.

RTMS™ provides real-time data on offshore riser loads and is capable of monitoring many measurement channels concurrently to provide a wide variety of analytical capabilities. James Fisher Strainstall (JF Strainstall) has developed a number of configurations to measure riser tensions and designs, manufactures and supplies complete systems from load cells through to display software.

Depending on the particular requirements of the customer and vessel type, we use a variety of methods to obtain riser tensions and inclinations. Configurations include strain gauged load cells mounted at the top of the riser, sensors bolted or clamped to the riser pipes or strain gauges bonded directly to the riser pipe, depending on customer requirements.

We can also supply elements of riser tension monitoring systems, such as load sensors and/or interface electronics that can be integrated into existing monitoring and control systems.

Benefits of Riser Tension Monitoring System™:

  • Acts as a key aid during platform installation
  • Provides operators with information on riser pipe health
  • Enables operators to take remedial action should riser tensions exceed safe limits
  • Enhances platform safety by minimising the risk of riser failure

Features of Riser Tension Monitoring System™:

  • Displays information on tensions and performance
  • Utilises robust sensors with a 20+ year design life
  • Alarm facility warns operators when riser tension nears safe working limits
  • User-friendly displays
  • Interfaces with other platform measurement and control systems
  • Can also incorporate tendon tension monitoring