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Loading arm position monitoring

James Fisher Strainstall's loading arm position monitoring system safeguards cargo handling operations.

Using sensors incorporated into the loading arms to monitor position, James Fisher Strainstall's system ensures operational thresholds are observed.

The monitoring system displays the loading arm position in real-time during cargo handling operations, as well as incorporating historic and event data. The display, mounted in the jetty control room, shows the loading arm’s operational ranges in colour code (green, amber and red) to give a clear indication of its position relative to its safe working envelope.

Should the loading arm operate outside of pre-defined limits, the monitoring system generates both visual and audible alarms to alert operational personnel and enable them to take remedial action. Product transfer rates can also be incorporated for a more detailed operations overview.

Benefits of loading arm position monitoring:

  • Improves jetty safety
  • Prevents loading arm damage
  • Enables full operational oversight

Features of loading arm positioning monitoring:

  • Real-time display of loading arm position
  • Clear user-friendly displays 
  • Alarms in the event of operational limits being exceeded
  • Provides historic and trend data
  • Can be incorporated into James Fisher Strainstall’s full jetty management system
  • Uses robust and reliable sensors