Other wellsite monitoring applications

James Fisher Strainstall's hazardous area approved, wireless load monitoring sensors can be utilised for any oilfield application.

By modularising the wireless aspects of a complete wellsite monitoring system, James Fisher Strainstall (JF Strainstall) has created a wireless measurement system that can be integrated with an extremely wide range of measurement products without the need to repeat the hazardous area certification process for each application. The result is that WMS can be applied to any rig sensor making the scope of applications virtually limitless. 

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Future applications:

Monitor line tension, pump pressure and pressure at the bottom hole assembly with highly accurate wireless sensors.

Blow out preventers are of critical importance to both crew safety and operational safety and the accuracy of information related to downhole pressure and the flow of oil and gas is vital for minimising the risk of catastrophic blowouts. 

Monitor torque to ensure connection is made efficiently using WMS wireless sensors.

Improve accuracy and reliability of tension readings throughout umbilical tension monitoring operations.

Any oilfield monitoring application

JF Strainstall can design and supply a wide range of wireless sensors for any oilfield application. Built to withstand the toughest hazardous environments the ATEX, IECEx and North American Hazloc approved wireless technology can be used in any application monitoring; pressure, load, level, flow, torque, stroke counters, etc.


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Wellsite monitoring applications

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 WMS-wireline  WMS-slickline  WMS-Pressure monitoring