James Fisher Strainstall’s wireless sensors eliminate the need to run a hydraulic hose to the unit, simplifying operations and removing the cost of cable replacement due to damage.

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Designed to withstand the harsh working environments of slickline operations, WMS is built from lightweight, high tensile, aerospace grade, anodised aluminium and offers a simple retrofit solution.

Highly accurate load monitoring

Use WMS-slickline at the hay pulley to accurately show small downhole weight changes. By inputting a K-factor WMS can also provide cable angle compensation and indicate actual downhole weight change in real-time.

Data displayed to a zone 1 hand held, battery powered display or analogue gauge. Available for any capacity including 1,000 to 10,000 pounds.

WMS-slickline in motion



WMS-slickline features

  • Wireless
  • Eliminate the need to run hydraulic hoses
  • Improve accuracy by installing WMS-slickline at the hay pulley
  • Available for any capacity


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Wellsite monitoring applications

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