Calibration and repairs

James Fisher Strainstall provides a fast, professional and hassle-free load cell calibration and repair service for its customers, guaranteeing a high standard of care.

With over 50 years of experience and access to state of the art test and calibration machines, James Fisher Strainstall (JF Strainstall) has the capability to undertake all of your calibration and repair requirements.

JF Strainstall provides an efficient, professional calibration and repair service for all load cells. We have a range of testbeds to replicate environments so that we can deliver rigorous and transparent testing for various products with load capacities up to 1700 tonnes.

To guarantee the high standard of care expected for your calibration and repair projects JF Strainstall offers a unique hire package that assigns a specialist engineer to each request for a test machine. We are also able to offer a fast track service for urgent repairs to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.

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Annual load cell calibration provides an opportunity for the load cell’s operation and performance to be checked against its original manufacturing standards and for any developing problems to be identified before an ‘in operation’ failure occurs, resulting in expensive downtime.

A load cell used as a force or weight measurement device needs to be properly calibrated to ensure the output is an accurate indication of the applied load or force.

The accuracy of any load cell can deteriorate over time due to overloading, poor alignment, constant cycling and misuse. The sensitive elements of the load cell are also affected by external sources, such as EMC, excitation voltage, insulation resistance and moisture ingress.

If your load cell is used for lifting, restraining, measuring and structural monitoring applications, the accurate measurement of an applied force is essential for safety, data integrity and for compliance with quality management systems to the relevant national standards, ISO9000. 


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JF Strainstall has the capability to apply test loads/forces from as little as 1 kilogram to 1700 tonnes and JF Strainstall posess all necessary test certificates for machines. Testing capabilities include:

JF Strainstall testing machines   Test certificate 
10t/100kN tension   PDF.png
100kN tension + compression   PDF.png
30t/300kN tension + compression   PDF.png
50t/500kN tension + compression  PDF.png
50t/500kN compression  PDF.png
50t horizontal test bed  PDF.png
150t/1500kN tension  PDF.png
180t/1800kN tension  PDF.png
250t tension/compression  PDF.png
300t/3000kN compression  PDF.png
300t horizontal tension test bed  PDF.png
17000t/17mN compression  PDF.png
3000kN tension and compression PDF.png


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