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Jetty systems and servicing

James Fisher Strainstall's servicing package helps maximise the performance and safety of your jetty system.

James Fisher Strainstall’s (JF Strainstall) dedicated engineers and jetty equipment specialists are able to reduce potential jetty downtime through the implementation of a maintenance programme which is tailored for your specific needs. With full service project management, JF Strainstall’s service packages ensure a cost effective solution to ensure longevity of your jetty system.

Without regular inspection and timely servicing, jetty systems will show fatigue which can lead to lasting damage that causes loss of production and damage to brand reputation for ports and terminals as well as third party users. By isolating and fixing potential issues before they develop with JF Strainstall’s services, your jetty system will benefit from improved safety.

Download JF Strainstall's complete jetty monitoring and management systems brochure, including information on all its systems and servicing capabilities (3.2MB).

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JF Strainstall's jetty system maintenance offering:

Annual servicing to reduce lasting damage on your jetty system.

JF Strainstall offers three or five year scheduled servicing plans that provide a specifically tailored package to meet your needs.

We remind you these scheduled visits are due and will work in partnership to project manage this service to minimise disruption and ensure all maintenance tasks are complete in line with the requirements identified in the agreement of works.

The team come prepared and carry parts to enable works to be completed during service if appropriate.

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Our highly skilled team work with your onsite staff to offer advice and assistance with any bespoke requirements.

An on-site inspection is our initial process to fully understand requirements requested by both new and existing customers. JF Strainstall arrange a visit to inspect and survey equipment to determine the scope of potential installation and repair work.

JF Strainstall’s flexible approach means that our highly qualified engineers are able to undertake onsite inspections to fit around specific business requirements and avoid untimely outages.

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Following an onsite inspection, JF Strainstall provide a detailed report addressing repair and installation requirements

JF Strainstall’s detailed site report outlines the condition of all components with written analysis and recommendations regarding replacement, upgrades or repairs. Where appropriate¹ this report will also include photographic evidence.  

A quotation providing detail and costs for the implementation of all work recommended within the report will also be included and we can work together to provide a staged improvement schedule if required.

On acceptance of the quotation, an approved technical proposal and receipt of your purchase order, our team of experts will liaise with site management to produce a working programme for delivery of spares / retrofit of equipment / repair and installation to ensure seamless completion of projects.

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¹ Not always available in hazardous areas such as LNG sites

JF Strainstall revamps aging systems with retrofit solutions

JF Strainstall engineered products can be easily retrofitted to existing jetty systems and products. Our expert engineers are able to recommend and arrange upgrades or refurbishments along with training on new and updated equipment installed onsite. 

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We provide spare parts for all jetty systems

JF Strainstall has an extensive range of jetty system spare parts and accessories for maintenance and repair work. We can advise on stocking spares packages for your specific site requirements.

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JF Strainstall specialise in creating bespoke solutions for any application

If you have a bespoke requirement for your jetty, JF Strainstall are able to create a tailored solution to address your need.

By carrying out onsite inspections and working closely with our customers we are able to develop products that work for you and improve the overall functionality and safety of your site.

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JF Strainstall’s quick release hooks for both mooring and towing offer reliability in the harshest environments

JF Strainstall manufacture a complete range of quick release hooks which are designed to be easy to install and maintain. Standard or pelican hooks are available with a range of options to ensure suitability to any application. Such options include; electric, hydraulic or pneumatic remote release systems and single, double, triple, quadruple, double back-to-back and quadruple back to back configurations. Working loads vary from 30 tonnes to 200 tonnes.

Learn more about our quick release hooks.

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As well as advice on future expansion and modifications to help you stay in the know with evolving demands, JF Strainstall offer various solutions for jetty systems to for a wide range of requirements.

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JF Strainstall can provide regular training to ensure you maintain a high standard of product knowledge for all onsite equipment

JF Strainstall are experts in jetty servicing and maintenance and provide full training on new or updated equipment that has been installed on site.

Training ensures minimal disruption to the operations of your jetty by giving your staff the tools they need to effectively use and maintain equipment.

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Credit card payments:

Strainstall is also able to take credit card payments, so call now and place your order for fast delivery: +44 (0) 1983 203600.