James Fisher Strainstall are world leaders in structural health monitoring, bridge evaluation and load testing. We specialise in providing customised monitoring solutions, which enable proactive maintenance strategies and optimise asset management.

Our bespoke solutions can be applied at any stage of an asset's operational life cycle for short-term or long-term monitoring and encompass a wide variety of techniques to provide a comprehensive insight on a structure’s condition.

Our solutions include:

  • Crack and settlement monitoring
  • Accoustic Emissions (AE) monitoring for damage detection
  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Bridge strike prevention and monitoring
  • Flood and scour monitoring
  • Load testing for design verification
  • Scour Monitoring

Our team can complete a full bridge appraisal to gauge overall condition, highlight potential points of interest for remedial works, and identify the most appropriate monitoring solution for the structure. The team is able to design monitoring systems based upon the clients concerns and budget and can act as independent checker for existing monitoring systems.

Our data platform SAMS™ takes extensive data sets from multiple sources, conducts complex analytics, and presents easy to understand reports and interactive user interfaces.

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