James Fisher Strainstall is a world leader in the design and manufacture of precision engineered load monitoring equipment, including load cells, load pins and load shackles.

BES asset reliability

BES Asset Reliability is the leading supplier of load measuring equipment to the marine, and oil and gas industry, supplying the highest quality load monitoring products under the Strainstall product name, including load cells, load shackles, load pins and strain rings.


Geokon Incorporated (U.S.A) is an established manufacturer of quality geotechnical instrumentation and wireless systems suitable for monitoring the safety and stability of a variety of civil and mining structures including dams, tunnels, foundations, mine openings, piles, etc


DataTaker (Australia) is a supplier of data loggers and data recording equipment to a broad range industries including infrastructure, oil and gas, mining, public utilities, scientific and educational institutions.

Campbell Scientific

Campbell Scientific (U.S.A) is a leading designer and manufacturer of data loggers, data acquisition systems, and measurement and control products used worldwide in a variety of applications related to weather, water, energy, gas flux and turbulence, infrastructure, and soil. We specialize in rugged, low-power systems for long-term, stand-alone monitoring and control.


Mantracourt (UK) are established technology provider to many major OEM sensor manufacturers who design and manufacture an extensive range of strain gauge measurement products for a wide range of industry segments. The instrumentation is designed for load cells, strain gauges, pressure sensors, torque transducers, flow sensors, temperature sensors, for signal conditioning, display and control using analogue, digital and wireless techniques. As a company, they specialise in miniature high performance electronic products giving high accuracy, performance and speed. Core product range consists of strain gauge amplifiers, analogue signal conditioners, digital indicators, strain gauge digitisers, wireless telemetry systems, load cell weighing indicators and USB data acquisition units.

JF Strainstall
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