We offer a comprehensive fleet of cutting-edge equipment purposed for environmental monitoring. This is inclusive of combined and individual units to meet the needs of monitoring for noise, dust, vibration and weather conditions.

The requirement for construction sites to have some form of environmental monitoring is becoming increasingly mandated – particularly in urban areas. Through our wide range of equipment types, we can deploy equipment to meet the specific needs of the client and any limits being imposed through a Section 60 or 61 Notices. We can also provide guidance on the host of British Standards relating to environmental monitoring, including:

  • Noise control to BS 5228-1-2009+A1-2014
  • Vibration control to BS 5228-2-2009+A1-2014
  • The control of dust and emissions during construction and demolition, Supplementary Planning Guidance (London) 2014

We have been supporting the monitoring requirements of our industry partners for many years. The installation requirements of the equipment can differ from site to site. Our vast experience allows a seamless, safe and adaptive installation process from working on a range of different projects, such as listed buildings, hospitals, new construction and demolition works.

The variety of units within our fleet and our industry-leading expertise allows us to meet the bespoke needs of customers. We can provide daily, weekly, or monthly data reports to meet any documentation requirements. The units can be set up with alert limits to flag any events that could cause a breach in the limits, allowing pro-active measures to stop the source before any limits are breached.

  • Full end-to-end service including delivery, installation, on-site training and same-day response ensuring full support and confidence in service
  • Guidance service on the standards and options available
  • Fleet of units able to meet bespoke needs
  • Real-time automated alerts
  • Periodic reporting
  • Reliable project management
  • Rapid response time
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